To what extent does the coaching (the faculty) matter for JEE/PMT preparation?

The students who are getting into IITs are the ones who are well prepared and consistently work hard. They depend upon themselves

However, teachers play an important role.

Role of Teachers: Teachers provide with a systematic and well defined material to feed your mind. A well streamlined material is half the battle won. It is here that people are ready to study in a classroom of 200-400 students in Kota ( I am not favouring or recommending kota institutes in any way). A good teacher would tell you only what is well within your syllabus.

  1. Questions: A good teacher will always include pre-selected questions which will develop the concept or clear any un-neccessary doubts in your mind. This is where Kota institutes fail. They only have questions well suited for good students only. A growing or budding student will always feel lagging hence that feeling of left behind develops. A good teacher can take care of all students if the class size is small.
  2. Speed: A good teacher would maintain a optimum speed according to the grasping power of students. Again, small class size of 35-45 is good enough for a teacher to have a good mix of students and also have a control over variation over speed.
  3. Depth: A good teacher would not cut corners when he finds it difficult to deliver the concept. All concepts may not be easy to digest and easy to deliver, but that should not make the faculty cut corners and leave behind few aspects in order to maintain his highest feedbacks 😜
  4. Doubts: A good teacher would always encourage doubts. Doubts solve two purposes: They streamline your thoughts and They connect two different aspects of a single concept or two different concepts. However, too many doubts means, you have not studied at home or your homework is missing, which may piss off a good teacher as well. An acid test of whether your doubt is valid or not is simple: If you can say “till this point this question is ok but I am not able to take it further….” then you are on right path. You can’t have whole chapter as doubt!

An excellent teacher:

  1. Motivation: An excellent teacher would over and above all these, would motivate you, prompt you and direct you to good path of self study.
  2. Guide: An excellent teacher would also put you on a path to independence. He would always prescribe you a better book, inspire you to study all by yourself. He would be ready to learn from you as well.
  3. Tricks: An excellent teacher would NEVER EVER tell you shortcut tricks. He may give you an insight of a topic by which question can be solved much easily but would never ever compromise on concept building. Examiners, all over the world, know all the prevalent tricks! Tricks would never get you selection, forget about the rank!


We have seen this many times, during self study without any monitoring and support, students miss out on the opportunity. They get easily affected by distractions when nobody is watching or keeping an eye on their performance. This is where a good teacher would help. A good teacher would always know when you are studying and when you are not. And that too irrespective of what marks you obtain in the mock tests.😊

You can’t clear JEE without following a disciplined process. Period.

Aman Bansal, JEE Topper 2016, on his coaching and teachers,

“My mentors and guides at my coaching institute helped me immensely right from clarifying the concepts to providing the right study materials, test papers, analyzing my mistakes and suggesting ways of rectifying those errors and improving my performance.”

You may have India’s best teachers of JEE to teach you, but if you don’t study and practice at home by your own, it will be very difficult to achieve the desired result.

Combination of self study and good guidance will give you the best result in JEE.