Is it worth it to send my son to USA for undergraduate studies? Will he have an edge over students going to USA for postgraduate studies?

Having sent my daughter for B.S., I found out that it is very expensive ( spent about a crore) and the benefits are not directly proportionate. She grew faster than her age. The visa program is also in such a way that no special recognition for undergrad. No separate quota like 20 K, for advanced degrees like MS. They need to study additional mandatory subjects like American history etc.

For postgraduate studies, they will be considered only as international students. I have not seen many who have done undergrad have proceeded to master studies. Student loans will be killing.

Yes my daughter worked for 2/3 years and then went for MBA. She is well settled now working as a senior consultant with a Big 4 M&A advisory.

So the gestation period of reaping the benefits is very long and it should work out well at the end.

I do agree that undergrad in India except few top universities like IIT, NIT is much desired and below acceptable standards, I would still consider that doing an undergrad in India and then go for MS to US would be better considering the pitfalls and opportunities.

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