How do you keep yourself disciplined?


Discipline is all about having systems that allow you to be productive. Some of them are related to you, and you only, others are related to external factors. Let’s see some of the ones I like most:

Go a day at a time

This is a concept from AA. You do not think to stop drinking for a year, you will just not drink today. This can be applied to a plentiful of things in life.

You don’t have to be disciplined every day for a year, you just need to be disciplined today. And tomorrow you will say the same thing and the day after that. Do not think too far in the future, just focus on today.

This will make easier for you to stay disciplined for long periods of time.

Have an accountability partner

Having someone to answer to on your goals is a good way to stay disciplined. You see, is way easier to skip a workout if you go to the gym alone, however, if there is a friend or a group of friends that always goes with you, you need to have a good reason to skip it.

I have an e-mail accountability partner. Every day we send each other an e-mail with the planning for the next day and proof that we conquered our goals set the day before.

Do it early and do not think about it

The first thing you do should be the most difficult. Why is that? Your energy and motivation drop as the day goes by. If you let the things you hate doing the most to the end of the day, you are not going to do it.

Also, do not think about it. Do not think about how much you do not want to do something. Just go do it, the more you think, the worse.

These tips are a good start. As you become more productive, new systems will appear for you

…Answered on by Tiago Toledo

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