How can I stop being average?

  • Learn to persevere
    • My 2nd Quora post has 366 views. My 6th Quora post has 98,000 views. My 13th Quora post has 548,000 views.
    • My first book sold less than 50 copies. My second book has over 40,000 Kindle downloads.
    • I had to make 14 iPhone apps just to get to 4 that made the top 100 in different categories
    • Everyone sucks in the beginning. It’s what you do after the beginning that counts.
  • Find 5 awesome people crushing it in life
    • Spend time with those people. You are who you spend your time with. Awesomeness is contagious.
  • Find your purpose
    • Purpose will fuel your motivation
    • Imagine waking up every day excited for you’ve set out to accomplish. That passion alone will propel you to the next level.
  • Take action now
    • Getting started is half the battle. Just focus on getting started. The inertia will keep you going.
  • Understand the value of time
    • Your time here is so freaking valuable. Do you really want to look back one day and ask “what if?”
    • Better to look forward and to say “what’s possible?”
    • Most people don’t push themselves to be better than average mainly because they never have a sense of urgency. Understanding the value of time changes that.
    • Life is short. Make the most out of your time here.

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 …Answered on by Nelson Wang

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