How can I get motivated to study?

Answer by Arti Gupta:

Let us assume that you have a long chapter to study. You could try the following method-

  • Glance the major topics in the chapter – Most of us started reading from first page of the chapter. I suggest that you glance over the whole chapter, see the major headings and sub-headings.
  • Make a mind-map – Check out internet to find how to make a mind map (Mind Mapping Software). This is a pictorial representation of any information. It represents main idea, sub ideas and further details of each sub idea. Below is a mind map from Tonu Buzan’s website on “being healthy”.
  • Use a pencil to read – Our attention span is very small. Our mind is like a horse without reins, it runs away at every opportunity. Writing while you read helps to understand and remember better. You can keep a separate notebook or write on your book, as you feel comfortable. This would also help you in your exams as you would be able to see the main points you  have written and recollect the concept.
  • Revise your notes – After you finish the chapter, revise your mind map and your notes. This would move concepts in your long term memory.

Hope that helps!

All the best and thank you for asking.

Edit: The original question asked was – How do I focus on studying when I forget everything I study? So my answer focuses on retaining what one studies. The question has been edited and merged.

How can I get motivated to study?

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